• Cabell d'Àngel
  • Cabell d'Àngel Cuina

    Cabell d'Àngel Cuina was born, grew and continues to develop in Baix Empordà. Rooted in tradition and respect for the land, we offer a cuisine crafted entirely from top-quality products. We design and deliver unique and tailored gastronomic experiences.

    We provide logistic support in events; from table setting, decoration, to service staff...

    Proven expertise in rice dishes, from preparation techniques to the careful selection and sourcing of the finest ingredients.

    We are also És! Carxofa restaurant - Púbol - Baix Empordà.

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    972 488 590

    606 78 23 73

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    Plaça Major s/n

    17120, Púbol (Baix Empordà)